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11/06/2010 / dimarzionist

Top 10 Reasons for performance issues with you website

There is big number of blog posts regarding web site performance, but here is my top-10 reasons from number of real world websites affecting their performance:
  1. Table based layout – especially sensitive performance degradation with IE, big number of nested tables also make it look really tricky during the loading time in Firefox and Webkit
  2. Superfluous  markup elements – when they are part of repeated elements such as grid or list this results in hundred kilobytes of useless content
  3. JavaScript included in the wrong place – this pushes web browser to load/execute JS before you will see the first byte of visible content
  4. Lots of HTTP errors, especially 404 and 503 – broken links, moved images, incorrect relative paths to resources
  5. Duplicate <link> blocks and JS includes – obvious, but still common problem
  6. No caching (content expiration) is set for static resources – both server side caching and content expiration headers for the client
  7. Inline <script> blocks
  8. GZIP compression is not enabled for CSS and JavaScript files
  9. Number of JavaScrip includes for one page – results in big number of network connections, sometimes preventing page to render correctly
  10. Incorrect or broken HTML markup – browser spend more time than expected to understand what you were trying to say with <table><div><tr></div><td></tr>/>

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