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09/06/2010 / dimarzionist

TFS 2010 / Tools: Team Foundation Sidekicks 2010

How to manage “dead” workspaces, “magic” locks, “miracle” shelves and other beauties of TFS 2010 source control?

Command line is awesome until you need to get some more understanding on what’s really happening. Especially when you coming to the new environment and have no idea what was happening to the project last 10 years.

I found Team Foundation Sidekicks one of the most powerful TFS tools I’ve seen recently. Specifically with my case it was really the only thing that was able to help me with some ancient locks for the files which no longer exist in source control, but still preventing our recently upgraded to 2010 source control to do proper merges.

From another super useful features – ability to unshelve to any folder on your machine, changesets and labels history per user per workspace, locks and source control item statuses by user, maintain workspaces and users and the last on toolbar (but not in our hearts) – code review(!) sidekick by changeset or by work item.

Pure power.


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