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02/06/2008 / dimarzionist

ASP.NET MVC Preview 3: Breaking Changes

There are several changes in Preview 3 we need to know about, because there is a reason why your old code don’t want to compile πŸ™‚

1. The “FilterExecutingContext” (using in the OnActionExecuted method) and “FilterExecutedContext” (using in the OnActionExecuting method) are now called “ActionExecutingContext”/”ActionExecudedContext”.

2. RenderView is now only available from ComponentController class, not from Controller class.

More about Using an ActionFilter.

MVC Changes Since Preview 2



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  1. nechipor / Jun 2 2008 15:20

    when will we see release? Do you have such information? Ask MS gurus pls πŸ™‚

  2. dimarzionist / Jun 3 2008 03:52

    He he eh… They even in trouble to help us with Windows Server 2008 volume license activation… Only hope that some ASP.NET relates thing will be released are Scott(s) – Gu and Hanselman… But, base on their latest comments we will see at least several previews more before RC.

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