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26/05/2008 / dimarzionist

Activating Windows Vista Enterprise

Ha… There is some new experience fighting Windows Vista Enterprise. The source of problem – Vista Enterprise can’t be activated on-line and doesn’t provide you with option to activate it by phone.

The reason of such behavior is hidden was hidden for me in some aspects, and Vista didn’t want to help me.

Actually, here is special procedure for KMS(Key Management Service) you need to proceed to activate Enterprise edition (as I know the same thing applies for Windows 2008):

  1. Install an enterprise volume license key by running the following command in an elevated Command Prompt window, where Key is the enterprise volume license key:
    cscript C:\Windows\System32\Slmgr.vbs -ipk Key

  2. Activate the KMS host using the Internet by running this script:
    cscript C:\Windows\System32\Slmgr.vbs -ato

If you have firewall istalled by default, maybe you will need to unlock 1688 port.

More informations and corresponding tasks here.


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