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23/05/2008 / dimarzionist

You can’t (part 1)…

So. Here is small list of things you can’t do:

1. You can’t build Silverlight 2 applications using Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1, because they are incompatible. Only two ways – uninstall SP1 or uninstall Silverlight Tools 1 beta (If someone know the solution – stop me). Only idea is to wait for Silverlight 2 Tools Beta 2, they promised to publish it in several weeks.

2. It’s impossible to install Windows Media Player on top of Vista Busines N (N means – NO MEDIA!). Because of some idiot decided to sued Microsoft, they were forced to create this version of Vista very quickly… You can’t install WMP, there’s no media restoration pack, you can’t rate you system(can’t run Aero). You can’t run Mobile Device Center(!) – it requires Media Player, so it’s impossible proceed sync with Windows Mobile devices (you can’t even install old “good” ActiveSync). Maybe all these stuff has some solution, not on my laptop – spent 1 day.

3. You can’t use some of 3G modems in parallel with usual LAN network (Ethernet). The reason of conflicts isn’t clear for me yet, but Vodafone 3G modem don’t work and disables LAN… So gloomy…

Looking for second part…


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