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13/05/2008 / dimarzionist

VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 SP 1 Beta

New service pack for .Net and VS has been released this morning!

Here is list of features most interesting for me in this public beta:

  • ASP.NET: Dynamic Data now included in .Net 3.5 and all necessary project templates for VS also available
  • ASP.NET: History support added. Now we can control AJAX pages behavior on Back/Forward buttons pressed in very simple manner that was shown previously on MS demos
  • ASP.NET: Script Combining feature added to reduce the number of requests and improving page load time. Before this moment we used custom approach for client scripts combining
  • VS2008: Added richer support of JavaScript code formatting and Intellisense, especially for separated .js files
  • WPF: Data binding and performance improvements, interoperability with Direct3D
  • ADO.NET: SQL 2008 support – all wizards, data wizards and data-driven features now tuned for SQL 2008 also
  • ADO.NET: Entity framework and LINQ to Entity included in this SP
  • ADO.NET: Data Services – rich framework to create dynamic data and publish them across different clients
  • C#: Code editor now handles more semantic errors in your code and can highlight them during editing (some of cool ReSharper error detection heuristics are natively implemented)

Links for more detailed info:

  1. ScottGu’s Blog
  2. Scott Hanselman [more on “Astoria” and Data Services]
  3. ASP.NET Dynamic Data Portal
  4. Entities: EntityDataSource overview
  5. Download them!

Start playing!


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